Post by: Lisa Muir

We say it almost every week.....but Lord we thank you for letting us be Your hands and feet. It is an honor to be able to do Your work. This is not about anyone of us but totally about what You have orchestrated....what You have provided....what You have ordained. The Lord had us provide 111 meals just this weekend plus sending many bagged lunches out on top of that so people could have lunch Saturday and Sunday. Thank you God for putting this ministry on the hearts of thi...s county and even others outside of this county. People are getting free Bibles and thankful to have them! People are getting connected to other people to help them on this journey we are all on. You are great Lord!! You have a mighty vision for Your people and it is unfolding before our eyes! Your love knows no boundaries ! Just this weekend a gentleman was sitting there eating and was talking to one of our volunteers and he said, " I just don't want to leave here. I really love it here ." I am thankful people see You through Your people Lord. Help us to always be that to Your people.