We need your help. . .

By: Lisa Muir 11-5-2017

Hi everyone !! I wanted to ask your help with two different things if you don't mind !

1. We are planning our Christmas meal box for each of our families who come into Hope AND gift giveaway to the kids. We are giving out 75 complete oven stuffer meal boxes with everything each family would need to fix a meal. For a family of five there should be enough for even 2 meals out of it. Last year we gave away approximately 55-60 gift bags with several gifts inside each bag . This year the number of kids we have coming in regularly has increased. We are hoping to give away even more kids bags than that because of the increase in the number we have seen. We are asking , as we did last year , for sponsors for our children's gift bags. We asked for a $20 donation for each child. If you would be interested in donating to help us provide for the kids we would so much appreciate it! You can call 443-880-7871 to let Wayne Muir know or contact Steven Milligan ( 410-726-7913 ) , Matt Riggin ( 410-713-2795 ) , Justin Humphreys ( 410-603-2348 ) or myself ( Lisa Muir 443-880-7872 ) , or leave a message here , on this Facebook page , and we will put you on the list of donors. That would be such a blessing to the children and to us as well !!

2. We are in need of several pantry items . We looked in our pantry and a lot of our canned goods are dwindling fast. Our most used staples fly off the shelves every weekend and we critically need more of those if you could help with those items. Here is a list of those items :

Baked beans
Instant Mashed potatoes ( I think these are depleted ) 
Pasta sauce
Canned string beans
Canned corn
Water bottles
Instant iced tea mix

Thank you again for your willingness to help! We can't do this without each and every one of you !! Food donations can be dropped off at Ace Hardware next to Hope as they have a donation bucket for drop offs for us !! Thank you all !!

Update. . .

By: Lisa Muir  11-4-2017

Good morning !! We would like to give you all an update with what's going on with Hope! Last weekend we went over 26,500 meals served since we opened in January of 2016 ( about a year and nine months ago ). While this number may not seem like a milestone number, we looked at the 2010 census of Somerset County and that number stood at 26,470 people. Now, we haven't served every single person in the county , but we have fed a number equivalent to every man, woman , and child in Somerset County. Praise the Lord !! Who would have thought that He would plop Hope in downtown Princess Anne to do what He has done ? I , for one , will continually be amazed at how it all started .....the burden for the people of this area that He put on people's hearts. I will continue to be amazed at how he orchestrated every single detail. In coming posts I will go into more detail about how He worked everything out ! Glory for everything goes to God ! He loves us. He loves every single one of us. Not one person should ever feel forgotten, overlooked , down or unloved. I truly feel that's the purpose beyond the actual physical hunger need that is being met right off the top. I feel like He wants people to know He is there. He is for them. He loves them . And He hasn't forgotten them๐Ÿ’™. We would like to thank each of you for what you have helped accomplish through this ministry. Whether you donated your time or food or financial help or skill set or were in prayer for Hope........it all helped accomplish this milestone. We pray that God's hand of provision will continue to be over this ministry as every week we see more and more new faces and we continue to serve our regular guests whom we love dearly. Thank you all ! Thank you Jesus for your mercy and your grace .

Amazing thoughts shared by a staff member. . .

Just wanted to share this message from one of our group leaders. Hope it blesses your heart as much as it did ours๐Ÿ’œ. 

Was at Hope awhile this morning in the pantry. After a brief repentance for slacking in keeping it tidy lately and a brief prayer I begin unpacking the donations (thank you Lord) and notice most of them are in a Foodlion or Walmart bag tied in a tight knot. Each bag containing 4 or 5 items more or less. 
My over tired, super stressed mind begins to wander (at least that's what I thought at the time. Little didn't know I was attending a church sermon for one). 
Who tied this knot I thought, as I unknotted each one and Why did they give? 
Was it a young couple just starting out? Where they on a tight budget to cover this months bills? Did they purchase the items in this bag trusting in Gods faithfulness to provide as they help the less fortunate? 

Was this bag tied by the bent, wrinkled and lonely hands of a widow or widower? Did they choose to donate a family size can, like the one they used many years ago as their family gathered together? Did it remind them their all alone now? Did they follow their heart and make their donation choices without hesitation, despite their limited funds, because they Know first hand that God has no limit as to how He cares for His children. 

My thoughts continued with each bag I opened.
Did this person smile with the satisfaction of pleasing the Lord as they knotted their bag? 
How about this bag ? Was it tied by someone who had watched Chanel 287 the night before and figured they'd give this seed planting business a try? ๐Ÿ˜†

Maybe the majority of these bags where given by people just like us. People that know how good God has been to them, and want to do whatever they can to help others come to know Jesus for themselves. 
As I once again began to wonder who tied the next bag, my thoughts stopped dead in their tracks. I was reminded of the 5 loaves and the 2 fish. I was reminded that over 5 thousand people were helped with that tiny bit. Then plopped right into my mind was, these knotted bags, tied in obedience to That Very Same God Will also help hundreds if not thousands.
If I had been holding a mic ๐ŸŽค I'm certain it would have dropped at that thought. 

Needless to say I've found new enthusiasm dating and putting cans away. 
It's pretty cool with all the hate and evil going on that people, whoever they are, are still willing to buy a couple extra cans for someone they'll never know. 

The same principle is true for our volunteers. Who are they and why do they give of their time? 

Really felt I needed to share my personal sermon from Hopes pantry with you guys. Idk Perhaps someone needed a bit encouragement." 


One Year of God's Blessings. . .

By: Lisa Muir

I want to publicly thank God for H.O.P.E.'s one year anniversary which fell on this past Sunday , January 29. Months before He opened the doors of H.O.P.E., He created a burden in our hearts for the people in our community and surrounding communities who were hungry and having a hard time making ends meet. We prayed for what He wanted us to do. That burden kept burning ever so strongly in our hearts so we prayed for the right location to open up. We looked and looked through properties. None seemed right. But , as always , God's timing is everything and He opened up the opportunity for us to be smack dab in downtown Princess Anne. We truly feel like H.O.P.E. is a beacon of light in the downtown area. God placed this burden on so many people's hearts, also, and these people and churches have come along side us to serve and support the many, many people who grace our doors every single weekend. This is all God's doing and He gets all the praise and glory for it. He supplies our needs each and every time. There have been times we had less than a hundred dollars in the bank and looking at bills before us knowing and trusting that He would provide and God sends someone through the doors with a check or cash or a donation shows up in the mail or one of us will be out and about in town and someone stops us and gives us money right then and there. It is so amazing!!! God can be trusted to make a way for His people. He proves Himself time and time again. We truly feel blessed to be able to do His work and to be a witness to His love for His people. Thank you to you all for heeding the call to help feed those amongst us who need a helping hand up. With your help we have served 17, 129 total meals in this one year. Whether you are a guest or a volunteer or a donor in some capacity , never forget that you are loved by us , but more importantly , you are loved by our Creator . Thank you ๐Ÿ’œ<# 


By: Lisa Mears Muir

Just wanted to share that the final numbers at the end of 2016 are : 16,185 total meals served, including lunches, since January 29, 2016 ! What an amazing thing to think on and realize what that number even requires in terms of food supplies and people to cook and serve the food. Our county is indeed in need of this ministry and I am thankful, so thankful , that God has born this ministry. Thank you to all who give of your time or financially , those who bake cakes , cook, clean, donate pantry items, fix things, and to our faithful prayer warriors. Nothing done of ourselves will be anything, but being transfixed on Jesus......and desiring to do His will , will accomplish much in His name and that's what we believe has happened at H.O. P. E . Here's to another year of being light to the hurting....and to being all that God has designated H.O.P.E. to be!! Our prayers are that they will know that you love them Lord!

6 month Update

By: Lisa Muir

Good morning everyone!! We just wanted to touch base with you all and thank you, first and foremost, for what you are doing...whether it is volunteering or donating food or financial resources or skills. We are so thankful for you and want to make sure you realize that! This past weekend alone we served 606 meals. That is just Friday and Saturday evening! There is such a need for this ministry and we are witnessing before our very eyes so many incredible things that God is bringing about. It's so exciting ! We just reached our six month mark after this past Saturday evening's service and total meals served since our opening night on January 29 of this year totals 9,461 meals served! That is six short months ! It is unbelievable !! The Lord has blessed this community indeed! HOPE is such a beacon of light to all who enter the doors. Our volunteers are all very compassionate and their hearts go out to each guest who crosses those doors. I see it each and every time I am there. With all that being said we have reached a point where resources are a precious valuable to us as would be expected. The resources we, of course , mean are manpower, food and monetary donations. We know people are busy with it being summer but we have been getting less and less calls for volunteers or people signing up to volunteer. If you know of anyone who would like to volunteer please have them call 443-880-7871. Wayne is the one who schedules volunteers and would love to hear from you! Right now we are short on volunteers for August 13, 20, 26, and 27. If you can volunteer please do not hesitate to call him. He has a schedule and coordinates all of that. Or if you are part of a church and could pass the word to your churches that we could use volunteers , not just for this month, but to regularly schedule in once or twice a month that would be awesome!! We, also, are thankful for all the food donations and welcome them anytime! As you can see, it takes a lot to put out 606 meals in one weekend ! Thank you ahead of time! And last but not least, we have financial needs and that is the one thing we never talk about. The Lord has blessed us and we know He will continue to do so. We know He works and moves in ways we can't even comprehend and does so by laying on people's hearts burdens . We have seen that by people just driving through town and pulling over and stopping in and handing a check to us. As they have done so, they said they just felt that tugging on their hearts. That is God ! Thank you Lord! This summer has been a doozy with our electric bill and we just got one for 700.00. We have rent and gas to pay , also, and we do have to buy some supplies that don't get donated. The point in telling you all this is simply to tell you that every cent we get goes towards this ministry.....keeping the doors open by paying rent and electricity and gas, buying supplies to clean the floors....paper products that you need, etc. If you all could pass the word around we would appreciate it so, so much. The Lord has always provided and we trust He will continue to do so . Thank you for putting up with such a long post ! We love you all and thank you ahead of time for what you are already doing in any capacity. And as always we covet your prayers immensely. Nothing done under our power alone will prosper. It has to be the Lord's will and by His power and might that His purposes are accomplished. So pray for us please. Thank you

God can use anyone to bless H.O.P.E; even children.

By Lisa Muir:

Hope Ministries would like to thank this young lady for all she is doing to feed people who are hungry !  Her name is Autumn Arndt and her grandparents are Buck and Marilyn Laird, who frequently help us out at HOPE.  Back when we were about to open HOPE, Autumn found out what we were doing and what it would mean to people and she took it as her personal little mission to raise money so that people didn't have to be hungry anymore. She has raised money twice for us with both times being over $100.00!!!  Actually, this time it was $120.00!  Thesepictures are of her bringing her bank in and sitting down with us so we could count what she had collected from all around her community๐Ÿ’œ. And let me tell you.....there were no coins in there whatsoever!! Lol. She told people she needed dollars!!  This is such an awesome thing for her to do and we love the heart she has and the burden she feels already,  at such a young age, for other people. The Lord has used her mightily and this is the result of God putting a burden on this child's heart ๐Ÿ’œ.   We love you Autumn and we love what you are doing for all the people who need meals and need to see Jesus through the doors of this building being open!  Thank you so much!! God is amazing how he's using and working through even children ๐Ÿ’œ.

God remembers our name. . .

By Lisa Muir. . .

A couple of weeks ago I met a lady about my age at Hope. She told me she had been having health issues and we prayed together. I told her I would be praying for her. She came back in this weekend when we worked and as soon as I saw her her face lit up and we sat and talked for a good while. She said she had been feeling better and was so thankful. I told her I had been praying and asked her if I could pray with her again and she said yes. When I said her name she was in shock. She stopped and said to me, " You remembered my name!" , in astonishment. I told her , "of course I did, I told you I would pray for you and I have been!"  She just kept saying over and over again, " You remembered my name."  We prayed and shared with each other. And I got thinking about her a lot. The point of telling this isn't to say that I did anything. But to share that some people feel forgotten and lonely. They sometimes don't feel they matter. More than likely from what I had gathered she has experienced a lot of hurt and pain in life. But to realize she didn't think I'd remember her or her name just made me pause for a few minutes. It is important to pray. It's important to let people know we aren't just saying we care.  Maybe to her , me remembering her name meant to her that I actually did care. Idk.  We never know what's going to be the thing that helps one of our guests see Jesus. I know we have the best volunteers there are. And I know from watching them every time I work how much they love the ones who come in. I know they are showing the love of Jesus each and every minute our guests are at Hope. So my point is to encourage us all that the little things do matter.... A smile, a hug, a meal a Bible or a coat given when it is cold outside ,  stopping to pray with someone as I have witnessed countless others do, remembering someone's name.....Who would have thought that remembering a name would have meant so much?   And for sure , God knows our names, every single one of us . He wants His people to know He loves them and they are important to Him.


Lisa Mears Muir

April 17 at 8:35am

It is unbelievable what God is doing in the lives of the people of this county and surrounding area! To date...the Lord has provided 2,443 total meals! We opened the doors of HOPE on Friday, January 29, 2016 and here it is only April 17. 12 weekends worth of serving. It is actually mind-blowing! The people it is affecting continues to grow. Some come in like last night....younger people ....not knowing what to expect.....and digesting that it's free......sitting there in amazement looking all around and watching the love that is being poured out on all the guests. These young people even coming close to not even being able to contain their emotions as they received food to take home for another meal on top of what they had just received. Then they received hugs as they left knowing that they had just been loved on unconditionally because God sent His people to do that especially for them. Stories of those young people taking Bibles when they left and other young people taking them this weekend, remind us that there is a point to this. And it is God's point. His plan. His provisions. His working. His love. His grace. His mercy. How blessed we are to be a part of this ministry. His ministry. And God we pray for the people you are reaching. And although we may never know the full impact You are having, we pray that You would continue to use us in whatever ways you see fit so that You can continue to impact their lives and they would want to put their Hope and trust in you for eternity. Thank you Lord!