By: Lisa Mears Muir

Just wanted to share that the final numbers at the end of 2016 are : 16,185 total meals served, including lunches, since January 29, 2016 ! What an amazing thing to think on and realize what that number even requires in terms of food supplies and people to cook and serve the food. Our county is indeed in need of this ministry and I am thankful, so thankful , that God has born this ministry. Thank you to all who give of your time or financially , those who bake cakes , cook, clean, donate pantry items, fix things, and to our faithful prayer warriors. Nothing done of ourselves will be anything, but being transfixed on Jesus......and desiring to do His will , will accomplish much in His name and that's what we believe has happened at H.O. P. E . Here's to another year of being light to the hurting....and to being all that God has designated H.O.P.E. to be!! Our prayers are that they will know that you love them Lord!