6 month Update

By: Lisa Muir

Good morning everyone!! We just wanted to touch base with you all and thank you, first and foremost, for what you are doing...whether it is volunteering or donating food or financial resources or skills. We are so thankful for you and want to make sure you realize that! This past weekend alone we served 606 meals. That is just Friday and Saturday evening! There is such a need for this ministry and we are witnessing before our very eyes so many incredible things that God is bringing about. It's so exciting ! We just reached our six month mark after this past Saturday evening's service and total meals served since our opening night on January 29 of this year totals 9,461 meals served! That is six short months ! It is unbelievable !! The Lord has blessed this community indeed! HOPE is such a beacon of light to all who enter the doors. Our volunteers are all very compassionate and their hearts go out to each guest who crosses those doors. I see it each and every time I am there. With all that being said we have reached a point where resources are a precious valuable to us as would be expected. The resources we, of course , mean are manpower, food and monetary donations. We know people are busy with it being summer but we have been getting less and less calls for volunteers or people signing up to volunteer. If you know of anyone who would like to volunteer please have them call 443-880-7871. Wayne is the one who schedules volunteers and would love to hear from you! Right now we are short on volunteers for August 13, 20, 26, and 27. If you can volunteer please do not hesitate to call him. He has a schedule and coordinates all of that. Or if you are part of a church and could pass the word to your churches that we could use volunteers , not just for this month, but to regularly schedule in once or twice a month that would be awesome!! We, also, are thankful for all the food donations and welcome them anytime! As you can see, it takes a lot to put out 606 meals in one weekend ! Thank you ahead of time! And last but not least, we have financial needs and that is the one thing we never talk about. The Lord has blessed us and we know He will continue to do so. We know He works and moves in ways we can't even comprehend and does so by laying on people's hearts burdens . We have seen that by people just driving through town and pulling over and stopping in and handing a check to us. As they have done so, they said they just felt that tugging on their hearts. That is God ! Thank you Lord! This summer has been a doozy with our electric bill and we just got one for 700.00. We have rent and gas to pay , also, and we do have to buy some supplies that don't get donated. The point in telling you all this is simply to tell you that every cent we get goes towards this ministry.....keeping the doors open by paying rent and electricity and gas, buying supplies to clean the floors....paper products that you need, etc. If you all could pass the word around we would appreciate it so, so much. The Lord has always provided and we trust He will continue to do so . Thank you for putting up with such a long post ! We love you all and thank you ahead of time for what you are already doing in any capacity. And as always we covet your prayers immensely. Nothing done under our power alone will prosper. It has to be the Lord's will and by His power and might that His purposes are accomplished. So pray for us please. Thank you