We need your help. . .

By: Lisa Muir 11-5-2017

Hi everyone !! I wanted to ask your help with two different things if you don't mind !

1. We are planning our Christmas meal box for each of our families who come into Hope AND gift giveaway to the kids. We are giving out 75 complete oven stuffer meal boxes with everything each family would need to fix a meal. For a family of five there should be enough for even 2 meals out of it. Last year we gave away approximately 55-60 gift bags with several gifts inside each bag . This year the number of kids we have coming in regularly has increased. We are hoping to give away even more kids bags than that because of the increase in the number we have seen. We are asking , as we did last year , for sponsors for our children's gift bags. We asked for a $20 donation for each child. If you would be interested in donating to help us provide for the kids we would so much appreciate it! You can call 443-880-7871 to let Wayne Muir know or contact Steven Milligan ( 410-726-7913 ) , Matt Riggin ( 410-713-2795 ) , Justin Humphreys ( 410-603-2348 ) or myself ( Lisa Muir 443-880-7872 ) , or leave a message here , on this Facebook page , and we will put you on the list of donors. That would be such a blessing to the children and to us as well !!

2. We are in need of several pantry items . We looked in our pantry and a lot of our canned goods are dwindling fast. Our most used staples fly off the shelves every weekend and we critically need more of those if you could help with those items. Here is a list of those items :

Baked beans
Instant Mashed potatoes ( I think these are depleted ) 
Pasta sauce
Canned string beans
Canned corn
Water bottles
Instant iced tea mix

Thank you again for your willingness to help! We can't do this without each and every one of you !! Food donations can be dropped off at Ace Hardware next to Hope as they have a donation bucket for drop offs for us !! Thank you all !!